Hello, my name is Sean, and I enjoy thinking, talking, and writing about “weird” things, as well as spending time with interesting people. I am devoted to the psychic and cosmic evolution of our species beyond the monkey-games of the last 7,000 years. I am also devoted to good food, sports, and other sorts of Sunday-afternoon hedonism (which all people should be free to enjoy). I don’t believe in just black-and-white, I’m a walking contradiction, an athletic nerd, a sarcastic asshole (I mean well I promise!), and *gasp* an agnostic (think Robert Anton Wilson).

This blog is an outlet for all the crap going on in my head. Like a junkie in a shooting gallery, I just can’t enough of the mental catharsis. Selfish? Maybe, but I’m over that. And if you can’t handle my weirdness, well I’d rather be weird and interesting then normal and boring.