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Today I decided in a stroke of pure genius to start regularly shamelessly plugging cool shit on the internet. Today that link is to a very simple page but which carries an incredibly profound message.

Listen, Little Man!

Wilhelm Reich, like plenty of thinking men ahead of their times, was often labeled as “insane”, “crazy”, and “outright ridiculous” for his research into the fields of psychiatry and “orgone”. Sounds like my kind of guy! I knew I would probably like his ideas right off the bat (Yeah, I’m a good little sheep like that.) I won’t go preaching about his life story right here because I’m sure you know how to type “Wilhelm Reich” into Wikipedia. What’s rather interesting is the fact that the FDA trumped up charges against him to have his ass thrown into jail and as a kicker several of his books were burned! because they were too “dangerous”. No I did not make that up. Don’t you love it when your fellow apes “protect” you against “evil” information? Is it just me, or is it weird how we imprison people who challenge the status quo and/or ask us to look within ourselves?

Well, Reich did just that. Listen, Little Man! is a message to all people who desire meaning in life. It harps constantly on the concept of the “little man”: you, me, anyone who has taken his worth to be less than it is. Reich claims that you, the little man, have more power and responsibility than perhaps you will ever know. He eloquently points out the role this little man has had throughout every human culture and how the “little big man” always claims power over the former. If the little man (read: every person on this earth) ever realized his own God-given (no I’m not a believer in the traditional sense, that’s another post) power and worth, he would:

a) stop blaming the “jews”, “blacks”, “whites”, etc etc,
b) stop viewing others as possible enemies before seeing himself in them,
c) and this is probably the most important, he would stop allowing little big men to control his mind in the name of “The Fatherland” or “The People”.

I first read this book a couple weeks ago, and read it again a few days later. I am going to give it another read after finishing this post. I can tell you in all honesty that no book has had quite the impact on my life as this one. I know what some of you are thinking; I love the concepts so much because the mediocrity in my recent life has drawn me to it, and you may be right. Oh well, this book has allowed me to look at myself, my true SELF, beyond even my beliefs and cultural imprinting. I am finally beginning to get a taste of what true “peace” may feel like.

Next time you have a spare hour, don’t piss it away on Farmville and instant messenger, and for Dog’s sake don’t watch your favorite midget porno again. Instead, i recommend giving this excerpt of the book a good reading, and keep an open mind. In other words: be the opposite of what most cultural institutions today want you to be: a free-thinking individual

Now, my faithful, if you’ve stuck with me this far, you’re probably thinking:

a) “Wow, way to be overly political, Karl Marx! Give me the last two hours of my life back!” (Increase your reading speed, bitch.)
b) “I thought the category was ‘cool links’, not ‘links that make you realize how much your life sucks’, thanks dickhead.”
c) “How much LSD did you eat before posting this?”

*Sigh*, you got me. If the above link wasn’t cool enough, I always save the best for last:

Bloons Tower Defense 4

Good ahead, click and play, it’s not like that professor has anything useful to tell you anyway. Wilhem Reich would be so proud.


Bill Hicks was on the money (and ahead of his time, but that’s another post) with this one. No it’s not just hippie mumbo-jumbo, although he did eat plenty of psilocybin mushrooms. It’s simply a testament to the ultimate realization of mankind: having the courage to love yourself and love others in spite of fear. Or… is the ultimate realization of our species found in farmville, antiperspirants, and the size of your checking account? Perhaps only time will tell. That is all for today. Go back to the social media outlet that spawned you.